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- Posted on: 22/02/2023 -

The Rose Hotel is proud to have been recognised for the outstanding contribution it has made so far on its journey towards becoming an Autism Friendly hotel by AsIAm, Ireland's National Autism Charity & Autism Friendly Tralee. On Tuesday 28th February we had the pleasure of welcoming Adam Harris, CEO, AsIAm and Lisa Curran, Austism Friendly Tralee, to the hotel to present an award to recognise the outstanding contribution made by the hotel already in becoming an Autism Friendly Hotel. 

The Rose Hotel, the first hotel in Tralee to take this initative, has already completed the following steps on its journey to becoming an autism-friendly hotel:

  • Over 40 staff members including front line staff, managers & supervisors have completed a 40 minute online training course.

  • We developed a Social Story to help prepare for a visit to the hotel.  

  • Created a sensory specific activity for our guests which is the availability of a relaxation sensory box.

  • We dedicate a specific Autism friendly dining time every Tuesday in the Park Restaurant, between 3 and 5pm. Bookings are necessary, please call us + 353 66 7199100.

Social Story
In advance of a visit to The Rose Hotel we are delighted to share our Social Story, just click here for a pictorial tour of the hotel. 

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