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Auntie Katie's Babysitting Service

- Posted on: 26/05/2023 -

Aunty Katies's is a Munster-based babysitting service for wedding parties and can also provide babysitting service for hotel guests once booked in advance. 

"We provide childcare and entertainment for weddings. We are mainly based in Munster but also have staff in various locations all over Ireland. We make sure the children are a part of the wedding day without anyone worrying about "where are they gone" or "who's watching them now?" We make sure the children have plenty of food and water throughout the day. We prioritise FUN! The children will enjoy the day they will spend with us whilst also being around family and friends. 

We provide various packages from 6 hours up to 24 hours (including overnight care), we can alter any hours in between these hours. 6 hours is our minimum package. We often cover the wedding day and day 2, depending on availability. We bring with us, a suitcase of toys which is altered to each child's interest (where possible)".

Bookings for Auntie Katie's must be made directly, you can contact Katie by or call 087 6989062.